AlgoPlus All Purpose Fertilizer

AlgoPlus All-Purpose Fertilizer has been formulated for general use with flowers, vegetables and shrubs – even your lawn! (6N - 6P - 6K)

1 Liter

This water-soluble fertilizer delivers a balanced composition of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium (N-P-K), part of the 12 Essential Nutrients to provide complete nutrition for a variety of gardening needs. Best of all, it contains none of the harmful ingredients, dyes, or fragrances found in other commercial fertilizers. So, you can use AlgoPlus All-Purpose Fertilizer at every watering without fear of damaging your soil, scorching your plants, or dying your hands and clothing blue!

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• Carefully crafted to feed your plants without risk of the over-fertilizing that leads to “scorching”
• Complete and balanced plant nutrition with all 12 Essential Nutrients (6 Macro Nutrients, 6 Micro-Nutrients)
• Provides Nitrogen in 3 forms (Nitrates, Ammonium, Urea) for maximum efficiency of nutrient uptake
• All-Natural, Non-Toxic Ingredients – Free from chlorides, carbonates, and sodium!
• Odorless & Colorless – No added dyes or fragrance!

For optimal results: use twice a week, March-October
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AlgoPlus Fertilizer’s perfectly-balanced and complete formula includes all 12 Essential Nutrients for healthy plant growth. 1 Liter size


  • Nitrogen (N) – critical for lush, green color
  • Phosphorous (P) – promotes rapid root growth
  • Potassium (K) – stimulates flowering and fruiting
  • Magnesium – chlorophyll production & phosphorous absorption
  • Calcium – cell structure & disease resistance
  • Sulfur – chlorophyl production & disease resistance

Micro-Nutrients (Trace Minerals)

  • Boron – cell wall formation
  • Manganese – growth & development
  • Molybdenum – Nitrogen assimilation & Potassium absorption
  • Iron – chlorophyll production
  • Copper – enzyme & seed production
  • Zinc – chlorophyll production

What are “Micro-Nutrients (Trace Minerals)”?

Trace Minerals are elements that your plants need, but only in very small amounts. Having too much of these can be as bad as having not enough. Yet, they are critical in the plant’s biological functions. So, it is important to get them in the proper amount – which is just what AlgoPlus Fertilizer provides!

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