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I Must Garden Insect Control is a highly effective, chemical free way to repel and kill damaging insects. Protect indoor and outdoor plants, and prevent bugs from coming inside when transitioning houseplants back indoors after a summer outside. Botanical oils are combined to create a spray that safely kills on contact and controls local insect populations. There are no poisons, harmful chemicals or toxic glues in our products. All of our controls are safe to use around children and pets*, and are completely biodegradable.

Bringing houseplants inside:

We all love how our houseplants thrive when they are outside during the warm summer months. There’s nothing better for plants than natural light, air and summer rains. When it’s time to bring your plants inside, spray them with I Must Garden Insect Control to ensure that you don’t bring any bugs inside.

Preventing damage:

I Must Garden Insect Control can be used on your outdoor plants to prevent bugs from taking up residence in your garden. Stop damage before it happens by regularly applying Insect Control to vulnerable plants.

Freedom from Foul Odors

I Must Garden Insect Control is pleasantly scented, making application easier and more enjoyable than ever. Natural ingredients like mint and thyme oil kill and repel insects, but smell great to people.

The Right Size for Every Garden

I Must Garden Insect Control comes in two Ready-To-Use sizes: a 32oz trigger spray bottle, and a larger 1 Gallon size.

*when used as directed

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