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Plant anything you want!

Yes you can! Now you can have all those plants, flowers and shrubs you've always wanted but were afraid to try because of deer and rabbit devouring them.

We've all been there, you see a beautiful flower at your garden center and just have to have it. No sooner than when you plant it, you wake up and its been chewed down to the ground! You've tried all the home remedies with spotty results.

Who wants to spend all that money and time planting only to have the animals feast on them?

We're avid gardeners so we've experienced it all, we understand the frustration, we've tried all the stinky, messy, chemical based repellents available. We knew there was a better way.


Easy to Use, Pleasant Scent.

There is nothing worse than the stench of some of these repellents, who can enjoy your yard after spraying liquid stench all over your beautiful flowers?

We've developed repellents that are pleasantly scented, long lasting and highly effective. Targeted formulas for specific animals result in repellents that work! There are no repellents available that work on all animals, these all-in-one products are only good at depleting your bank account.

Our repellents have been used by gardeners all across the United States with great success. We guarantee that you will be satisfied that's how much confidence we have in our all natural products.

I've tried everything and by far your I Must Garden repellents are simply the best available. We don't have to take a shower after using them and they last longer than anything else.
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