Blumat Easy XL 2 Pack

UNIVERSAL BOTTLE ADAPTER: Can be operated quickly and easily with any commercially available recycled plastic water bottle. Automatically water your plants while being environmentally friendly and sustainable by using what you would just throw away; Depending on the size of the bottle used you can water your plants for over a week; a 2 liter bottle can water up to 10 days

PERFECT FOR TRAVELERS: Now you don't have to worry about who will take care of your plants while you are away traveling; These make great plant watering nanny's and will keep your plants alive and healthy; Even if you don't go away, you will find these so easy to use you might just keep them around even when you are not traveling

OPTIMAL WATER DELIVERY: Delivers water gradually into the soil of your plant through the cone and draws water from your water bottle; As the soil gets wet these automatically start delivering less water; No more over watering or under watering

OUTDOOR/INDOOR: Can be used wherever you may need plant support; in your house, office, balcony, hanging plants, garden, or greenhouse

HIGH QUALITY: The ceramic cone is made of the highest European grade of ceramic materials; The clay cone is the key component of this product; It is produced in a hollow casting process and fired at over 1000 degrees Celsius; This is what gives it the high quality, long lasting value to its name
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The main reason houseplants die is from improper watering mainly from overwatering but also from forgetting to water. Blumat makes some of the best products to keep your houseplants watered correctly keeping them healthy and happy. Simple, efficient, and easy to install; your plants can take care of themselves while you are on vacation or otherwise busy with the rest of your life.

Easy and simple to use

  • Blumat is ready to use at any time.
  • Very easy installation.
  • The plants stay in their usual location.
  • No repotting is required.
  • Ideal for clay granulate too (e.g. Seramis)
  • Blumat is ideal for watering when you’re on holiday.
  • Blumat can also be used all year round.
Blumat watering systems
Blumat is easy to use

Blumat Bottle Adapter Stakes

These are original Blumat Bottle Adapter Stakes, specifically designed for houseplants. Blumat Bottle Adapter Stakes ensure a constant water supply by siphoning water from a standard bottle to your plants. Forget complicated plant watering system(s) and terracotta watering spikes that fail to work well! The bigger your bottle, the longer you can leave your houseplants without worrying about watering them! This is the only automatic plant watering system you'll ever need.

Blumat Easy XL
Blumat Easy XL is easy to use
Blumat Easy XL bottle prep
Blumat Easy XL positioning
Blumat Easy XL use any bottle

Use any Standard Water Bottle

A plant needs between ¼ and 1 liter of water per week so make sure your bottle is large enough.

No More Underwatering or Overwatering

Blumat stakes prevent underwatering and over watering which stunt growth and squeeze air out of the soil, preventing them from "breathing". The stakes are made of porous ceramic allowing water to seep through it slowly. As moisture levels rise in the soil, it will begin to inhibit the transfer of water, and as the moisture levels drop, it allows water to pass through again.

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