Camlet Ant Moat

Beautiful Ceramic and Brass Ant Moat
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If you own a hummingbird feeder then you will want to protect it and your hummingbirds from ants.

Ants will often climb down your chain or wire to feast on the sweet sugar water at the feeder ports. You can help your hummingbirds feed in peace by placing the Camlet Ant Moat between your hummingbird feeder hook and your chain or wire.

To use, simply fill your Camlet Ant Moat with water (recommended), creating a moat which ants can not cross. Some people use liquid vegetable oil or even vaseline.

The elegant Camlet Ant Moat is made of high quality ceramics and genuine brass (no rusting).

The Camlet Ant Moat can combine perfectly with almost any decorative hummingbird or oriole feeder.

H: 4.8 in. (12.2 cm)
W: 2.75 in (7cm)
Weight 5 oz.

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