Handy Camel Bag Clip

The Handy Camel Brand Bag Clip is a brand new product made to eliminate an annoying problem... keeping those large bags around the house sealed and being able to carry them around once opened.

It is a giant bag clip made for pet food, kitty litter, bird seed, farm animal feed, and even charcoal for the BBQ. It re-seals, it carries, it stores & it helps you pour!

Rated to carry 40 lbs.
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Clip it and carry it!

This durable, jumbo-sized clip is an easy and practical solution for storing and carrying bags of charcoal, potting soil, pet food, rock salt and more. It's simple to open and close and keeps all of your contents sealed tight and fresh. The comfortable handle lets you safely carry bags to your destination without worrying about spilling or leaking. This great bag clip also lets you pour out as little or as much as you want.

Polypropylene, 16 ½"L x 1 ¾"W x 5"H.

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