Haws Indoor Copper Watering Can in Gift Box

• The Haws Copper Watering Can is a 2 Pint Watering Can.
• Comes with a removable Baby Oval Brass Rose.
• It is light weight and easy to carry.
• Perfect for indoor watering for home, conservatory or greenhouse.
• Made from solid copper in the Haws 100 year old traditional shape.
• Perfect for watering small plants, pots and seedings.
• 9" Spout, 6.5" H x 4.5" W

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This classic 1-litre watering can is made in the UK by Haws, who have been producing watering cans for over 100 years. Made from Copper with a brass watering rose, this is the perfect gift for the indoor plant enthusiast. Perfectly balanced, this watering can is a perfect example of great design and functionality.

The craftsmanship of this copper watering can is second to none being made in the 100 year old traditional shape made famous by Haws. This Haws Copper Watering can is a firm favorite of interior designers because of its beauty.

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