Haws Deluxe Plastic Outdoor Watering Can 5 liter

• Made from premier grade injection moulded plastic for thick wall strength and long life.
• Can be used indoors or outdoors.
• All Brass Rose for fine spray – eliminates seedling washout.
• Longer spout which delivers constant watering pressure.
• 5 Liters (1.3 gallons US)
Dimensions: 25in L x 9.5in W x 10.5in H
Available colors: Green, Red.

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Since 1886 Haws has been producing the finest water cans in the world.

The Haws Deluxe Plastic Watering Can is gentle on seedlings and the spout is effective for both indoor and outdoor plants. The Haws Plastic Watering is a well balanced and easy to carry making watering your plants easy to accomplish.

The Deluxe watering can is made in very strong injection molded plastic. The back handle and cross stem provide two gripping points for balanced pouring. The spout has a brass ferrule to receive the removable all brass oval rose. A plastic downspout attachment is also included. This can is Haws strongest plastic watering can.

Deluxe Outdoor Watering cans come with an Oval All Brass Rose that provides a gentle stream of water for tender plants. The Haws Plastic Deluxe Watering Can is made of durable plastic that has been injected molded making is strong and durable. The Haws Plastic Deluxe Watering Can is available in two colors - Green and Red.

Over the last 125-year the Haws name has become known as the makers of the finest watering cans used throughout the world. John Haws began making watering cans in 1886 in England and that tradition still continues today. Gardeners know that a Haws watering can is the best whether it's made in metal or plastic. This metal oval-shaped can with a single handle is a recent departure from the traditional Haws styling, however the manufacturing method used is still very much in the Haws tradition.

Today, Haws' comprehensive range of watering cans continues to offer new innovations as well as utilizing the many excellent design features of the original models.

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