Haws Professional Metal Outdoor Watering Can 3.5 liter

• Tall neck prevents water spilling over when can is tipped for spraying.
• Removable fine spray oval rose.
• Extra long spout for easy 'long reach' watering.
• With two handles, this can is perfectly balanced for effortless watering.
• Filter between spout and can prevents brass rose from blocking up.
• Watering cans are Hot Dipped Galvanized and powder coat painted for rust protection, strength and long life.
• Comes in the following colors: Titanium Silver, Green, Burgundy.
• Dimensions: 24" Spout, 8.75" H x 7" W

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Since 1886 Haws has been producing the finest water cans in the world.

The Haws Professional Long Reach Watering Can is the original and classic long reach watering can for both the amateur and professional gardener who wants the best. Made from heavy gauge steel and is hot dipped galvanized for strength and durability and has an additional painted powder coat for maximum protection from elements such as heat, water and normal use.

The Long Reach Professional Metal Watering Can allows for control of water irrigation and has perfect balance with the two handles. Haws Professional Watering Can has an extra long spout to help reach the back of flower beds and through thick foliage.

The Haws Professional Long Reach Watering Can comes with a small Oval Fine Spray Rose which protects against seedling washout.

The Haws Professional Long Reach Watering Can is both beautiful and useful.

Over the last 125-year the Haws name has become known as the makers of the finest watering cans used throughout the world. John Haws began making watering cans in 1886 in England and that tradition still continues today. Gardeners know that a Haws watering can is the best whether it's made in metal or plastic. This metal oval-shaped can with a single handle is a recent departure from the traditional Haws styling, however the manufacturing method used is still very much in the Haws tradition.

Heavy gauge steel is hot-dipped in zinc for rust resistance. The can and handle are extremely well-balanced and allow for single-handed watering if desired. An oval removable all-brass spray rose is supplied.

Today, Haws' comprehensive range of watering cans continues to offer new innovations as well as utilizing the many excellent design features of the original models.

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