Self-Watering Planter Cube 14 - Reg $14.99

• Wicking system delivers water to roots automatically
• No re-potting necessary – transfer grow pot directly to planter
• Lightweight and UV-resistant
• Shatterproof
• Award-winning German design
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Lechuza watering system

Whether you are planting basil, thyme, parsley, or chives, Lechuza self-watering cube is the easiest way to grow fresh, potted herbs indoors. In the attractive and compact CUBE planters, the water level indicator lets you know when to fill the reservoir so that your plants receive the ideal amount of water and stay fresh longer.

There's no need to repot plants: simply push the wick irrigation system into the drainage hole in the base of the grow pot and then place the pot directly into the planter. Fill the reservoir and the wick will draw water up into the soil as the plant needs it, keeping it healthy and flourishing. This beautifully designed self-watering cube is the perfect accent for any home or office!

  • Ultralight
  • UV-resistant Polypropylene
  • Soil capacity: 1-1/4 quarts
  • Water capacity: 2 cups
  • Indoor use only
  • Fits grow pots from 4 to 4-3/4 inches in diameter
  • Height 5.3in
  • Width: 5.5in

CUBE Color 14 All-in-One Set includes

CUBE Color 14 All-in-One Set includes
planter + plant liner and wick

New system

Easy to use

CUBE Color 14 - New system
  • With wick irrigation system
  • No repotting necessary - simply place store-bought herbs with grow pot in the planter
  • Food safe
  • Mix & match thanks to color-neutral planter liners
CUBE Color 14 use wick Insert wick in the grow pot. CUBE Color 14 use inserting Place grow pot in CUBE Color 14, water - done.
More Information
How it Works

Easy to Use

  1. Insert Wick in the Grow Pot
  2. Place Grow Pot in Cube
  3. Add Water

How Do I Water and Nurture My Plants in a LECHUZA Pot?

Water the plants onto the top of soil during the first weeks, until the roots have grown into the water reservoir ("growing-in phase"). During this time, you can check the soil or the LECHUZA-PON substrate just below the surface to see if it's still moist. If it's dry, you can water the plant.

Test: After a few weeks you can fill the water reservoir halfway. If the water level indicator goes down in the next few days, the roots have grown into the reservoir. Fill the water reservoir up to "max.", LECHUZA now takes care of your plants. Once the level indicator shows, "min." it is not necessary to water your plant immediately. The substrate is still moist enough to provide water to the plant.

Be careful: Stick to the "dry phase"! It is different with every plant and depends on the following factors: The species and variety of plant, position of the planter, need for air humidity and water, temperature conditions, and substrate requirements. We recommend a dry phase of 2 - 10 days, except with plants like cacti, we suggest a little longer.


The LECHUZA sub-irrigation system

Lechuza watering system
Inspired by nature: The LECHUZA sub-irrigation system ensures that your plants receive the exact amount of water they need for optimal growth.
  1. Water level indicator

    Takes the guesswork out of watering
  2. Water supply shaft

    Makes adding water and liquid fertilizer easy

    The substrate perfectly controls the water supply
  4. Separator

    Forms the water reservoir in the bottom of the planter
  5. Drain plug

    Is removed when used outdoors

Less Watering

Time to relax: Thanks to the LECHUZA-water reservoir, your plant is perfectly taken care of - no more daily watering!

Simply fill the water reservoir via the water supply shaft.

Lechuza watering system=less watering

No water logging - no dry period

Lechuza watering system-watering
Lechuza watering system-sideview

Lechuza watering system=better watering

Let your plants flourish!

In a LECHUZA planter, your plant supplies itself through the water reservoir with the optimal amount of water it needs for healthy growth.

The growth comparison shows:

30% better plant growth thanks to a balanced water supply!
Lechuza watering system=30-percent-better-growth.jpeg

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