Plants Deer Will Eat

There are countless inter-related variables affecting what deer will eat in any given year. Just a few of these variables include: population and overall health of the deer, weather conditions, geography and sources of food naturally available in surrounding woods and forested areas.

The following list has been compiled from gardening surveys from across the United States.

"Deer will eat anything! Unless you spray them with your fantastic deer repellent! I'm your biggest fan!"

Anne B. WI


AstersAsteraceae sp
ColeusColeus sp
CosmosCosmos sp
DahliaDahlia sp
Gerbera DaisyGerbera jamesonii
ImpatiensImpatiens balsamina
Morning GloryIpomea sp
Pansies, VioletsViola sp
SunflowerHelianthus spp

Perennial and Bulbs

Autumn Joy SedumSedum Autumn Joy
Canterbury BellsCampanula medium
ClematisClematis sp
DaylilyHemerocallis sp
English IvyHedera helix
English IvyHedera helix
Grape HyacinthsMuscari armeniacum
HostaHosta sp
Lillies, Oriental & AsiaticLilium
Phlox (tall garden)Phlox paniculata
Rose MallowMalvaceae
StrawberryFragraria sp
TulipsTulipa sp.

Trees and Shrubs

American arborvitaeThuja occidentalis
AzaleaRhododendron hybrids
Blackberry & RaspberryRubus sp
CherriesPrunus sp
Eastern redbudCercis canadensis
HydrangeaHydrangea sp
Indian HawthornRaphiolepsis
Norway MapleAcer platanoides
PlumPrunus sp
RhododendronsRhododendron sp
Rose of SharonHibiscus syriacus
RosesRosa hybrids
Winged euonymusEuonymus alatus
WintercreeperEuonymus fortunei
YewsTaxus spp

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