Tips for Repelling Deer

At one time the deer population density averaged 8-12 deer per square mile. Currently there are areas in the United States that have a reported 200 deer per square mile. The overall estimate of deer in the US approaches 30 million. Compare this to the 500,000 of the early 1900's. No wonder deer problems are so prevalent!


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"First, a little background. We live on twenty, heavily forested acres in East Texas and have been plagued by deer for the last eight years. They eat EVERYTHING! We have tried simulated blinking predator eyes, predator sounds and motion activated sprinklers.
Now the sprinklers worked, EXCEPT that when the weather gets warm (most of the year for us) the air temperature and body temperature of deer become the same. Then, the deer become invisible to the motion sensors, so the sprinklers aren't activated. We have spent $500 on sprinklers that can't be used most of the year.
We heard about "I Must Garden Deer Repellent" from a garden video and decided to give it a try.
Holy cow, it worked!!! Our roses (the ones still alive) have not been touched in three months and are finally growing again. We are ecstatic!"


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"Although this repellent doesn't smell much like mint, the aroma it does have isn't particularly strong when you spray it on and, once it dries, I can't detect any aroma at all. Best part? It WORKS!! I live next to a 13,000 acre park, and see deer multiple times a day. Last year I used garlic spikes clipped to my roses and they worked okay, but you had to put a spike next to *every* bloom, which meant you had to check/adjust them every week. I tried to order more of the spikes this spring, but it seems that California no longer allows them to be shipped here. I'm glad! This deer repellent literally takes 2 min. to apply to my 5-6 rose bushes. Yes, you do need to reapply as new growth occurs. But since I began using it the deer haven't eaten a single rose! My neighbor has complained about the deer snacking on her roses, but they're not touching mine. And now I have a ton of roses and can cut them and put them in a vase indoors and STILL have some on the bushes outdoors that I can enjoy while at the kitchen sink gazing outside. Caution...deer will eat *anything* if they are hungry enough. But, for now, apparently they have enough other things to eat and are repelled enough to leave my roses alone."

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You might think the growth of suburbia would keep the deer population in check. Just the opposite—deer are thriving in these areas. Reproduction in deer directly relates to food availability. When food is scarce, only one fawn is born. But when food is plentiful, deer readily produce twins and sometimes even three or four fawns in a single pregnancy. 

New housing developments invariably plant new landscaping, which requires attention to establish. We water, we mulch, we fertilize, and we grow beautiful, lush plants that we continue to care for. But, we're not the only ones who rejoice. Deer also love this tender new growth. They have a very strong sense of smell and are drawn to your wonderfully fertilized plants. No wonder deer don't go deeper into the woods to avoid people. We provide them as good—if not better—nutrition as Mother Nature.

How to Recognize the Signs of Deer in Your Area

All too often, the most common sign of deer is the torn, shredded, and eaten-down plants they leave behind. Others include hoof prints, tracks in soil or snow, deer droppings, and deer bedding. Deer droppings measure 3/4 inch in size with a slightly ovular shape, as opposed to rabbit droppings which are about the size and shape of peas. Deer also average around 70 droppings, a higher number than rabbits. Bedding areas are depressions of approximately 1 3/4 feet by 4 feet, where a deer has been resting. They may be more easily recognized in snow.

How to Recognize Deer Damage on Plants

Carefully examine the leaves and stalks that have been left behind. Unlike rabbits, deer do not have any upper front teeth and cannot cleanly cut leaves and stalks. They tear and twist leaves and twigs, then grind them with their back teeth. This process leaves a ragged appearance to the plants they damage.

How to Recognize Deer Damage on Trees

Deer will also rub their antlers along shrubs, tree branches, and tree trunks to remove their velvet as well as mark territory. This can be recognized by the vertical scrapes and shredded bark, along with broken branches. Often, the underlying wood of the trunk gets exposed. Not only can the damage look unsightly on your specimen trees, it can devastate saplings.

5 Creative Ways to Stop Deer from Eating Your Garden

There are not many gardening situations as frustrating as finding deer tracks and a half-devoured veggie patch at harvest time. In an effort to prevent such a catastrophic occurrence in your garden, we present five creative ways to deter deer.

get rid of deer

The best method for you will depend on your lifestyle, finances, and personal preferences. If you have found a successful method and would like to share it, please let us know and we'd be glad to share it with our fellow gardeners.

Make Your Garden Less Inviting

Deer prefer to stay near the edge of woods and emerge at twilight to feed. Many suburban homes incorporate wooded areas, which offer the deer cover, surrounding a garden with very appealing plantings. In theory, if you blend deer-resistant plants with your favorite flowers and shrubs, you should be able to discourage them from bothering your garden. But, if hungry enough, deer will eat any plant.

Install Fencing

If you want to keep deer from your garden by putting up a fence, bear in mind that deer can jump up to nine feet high. In order for a fence to work against deer, it should be eight feet tall. So, an effective fence is expensive and may not be a good choice for aesthetic reasons. 

Dogs and Deer Don't Mix

Just the presence of a dog in your yard may be enough to keep deer away. However, you may not be ready to take on the cost and responsibility of adding Fido to your family just to get rid of deer.

Scare Tactics and Ultrasonic Devices

Some of the electrical devices used to frighten deer include motion-activated strobe lights, sirens, radios, and water sprinklers. However, in addition to being costly, these may do more to alienate your neighbors than successfully repelling deer. Eventually, the deer get used to them, even when these devices are moved to different locations around your property on a weekly basis.

Bars of Soap or Human Hair

One of the homemade suggestions is to hang bars of soap or unwashed human hair (placed in mesh bags) from trees and shrubs. Each bar of soap or hair bags may cover a three foot area. This method may not be acceptable for aesthetic reasons. In a larger garden, it can also be a rather tedious choir.

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