Tips for Repelling Dogs

It's more than just mildly annoying to have dogs visit your garden. Even your own dog can become a nuisance when it messes in areas you would like to claim as off-limits. How frustrating it is to go outside and be unpleasantly surprised by what a dog has left behind, especially if you don't have a dog. And It's bad enough when your own dog decides to adopt your new plant or tree as it's favorite, but down-right maddening when a stray or a neighbor's dog adopts it too. Your tree won't stand a chance! Fortunately there is an environmentally safe and natural way to repel dogs without harming them.

"I can't believe it actually worked at keeping dogs from using my corner. I had to spray more than I thought but they got the idea finally."

Steve M.

Methods used to control dogs

repel dogs from your yard There are various methods that people have used to control dogs. Some may work to varying degrees, but many are just not practical. One of the biggest annoyances people complain about are neighbors walking their dog on their property, without cleaning up after them, or just letting the dog roam the neighborhood to soil where ever it pleases.

Spray wandering dogs with a hose

One recommendation to get rid of dogs from your lawn and garden is to spray the offending dog with a water hose. While you may not mind spraying the dog, you may not want to spray your neighbor if they are walking the dog (well perhaps you might, but would refrain). In order for this method to be effective you would have to make sure that you caught the dog every single time it wandered onto your property. That's simply not possible.

Install a motion activated water sensor

Using a motion activated water sensor to repel dogs is similar to using a garden hose except you don't have to be standing guard whenever dogs wander by. While this method can work in isolated areas, it may be difficult to control dogs in larger areas unless an investment is made in multiple units.

Fool your neighbors

Some people like to put up signs that post a warning to keep off the grass because it was chemically treated. That may work while the signs are up and the offending dog's owner reads the signs. Effectiveness with this method is best achieved by keeping the signs up for a week, take them down for a week or two, and then put them up again. This is a tedious and time consuming tip for repelling dogs and is only effective under very particular circumstances. Unfortunately, dogs wandering out on their own, don't bother reading signs! Unfortunately, in too many circumstances, signs are useless at repelling dogs.

Install a fence

Fences can be very effective at keeping dogs out of your garden, but such protection doesn't come cheaply. Even if money isn't an object, fences are not always an option for aesthetic or practical reasons, plus there's always the issue of maintenance. Fences have to be examined on a regular basis and repaired or painted as needed.

Tips for keeping dogs out of your garden

It's not always easy to break a dog's bad habit. And it's impossible when you're not standing guard 24 hours a day. With I Must Garden Dog & Cat Repellent you have the ammunition to keep dogs out your garden, safely and effectively. Our Dog & Cat Repellent is available as both a spray and granular form. You may not find I Must Garden Dog & Cat Repellent offensive, but dogs can't stand it!

Initial treatments to repel dogs may have to be heavier and frequent. As time goes on, applications rates and frequency can be reduced.

How to keep dogs away from trees

Dogs urinating on trees, particularly newly planted, young trees, can be quite damaging. With I Must Garden Dog & Cat Repellent you can stop dogs from urinating on trees. To keep dogs away from trees, you can use either our granular repellent, our spray repellent or a combination of both. Generously sprinkle at least three foot wide band of repellent all around the base of tree. The idea it to create a boundary around the tree you want to protect. As the dog approaches the tree, it will be repelled by the scent and go somewhere else. Initially, you may want to apply the repellent every 5-7 days and after heavy rains. Thereafter, apply as necessary to maintain control.

How to keep dogs out of your flowerbeds

stop dogs from going in your yard

From soiling to digging to laying and trampling - dogs can do quite a bit of damage to flower beds! No one wants to come across surprises left by a dog when weeding. It's heartbreaking to see flowers trampled upon and ruined by dogs. So how can you keep dogs out of your flowerbeds? By using I Must Garden Dog & Cat Repellent. I Must Garden Dog & Cat Repellent will safely and effectively keep dogs away from your plants and flowers and prevent destructive digging. Spray plants with I Must Garden Dog & Cat Repellent to keep dogs away from your plants. Our formula contains all natural ingredients that won't harm dogs, it just makes dogs stay away from what you spray.

To keep dogs from digging in your flower beds, sprinkle I Must Garden Dog & Cat Repellent directly on the immediate and surrounding area you want to protect. Initially treat every 5 - 7 days and after heavy rains. Thereafter, apply as necessary to maintain control.

How to protect your lawn from dogs

To repel dogs from lawns, generously sprinkle I Must Garden Dog & Cat Repellent on lawns and areas leading up to your lawn. Reapply as needed to achieve desired control. Initial applications may have to be heavier and more frequent.

How to keep dogs out of garbage cans

To harmlessly, but effectively keep dogs out of garbage, spray garbage cans and bags with I Must Garden Dog & Cat Repellent. You don't have to resort to household chemicals that are harmful to animals and the trash collectors. Dogs will quickly want to stay away from garbage that has been sprayed with I Must Garden Dog & Cat Repellent.

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