Tips for Repelling Dogs

Like most animals, dogs are creatures of habit. Once they establish a routine, it's difficult to change their behavior. Even if we effectively control our own pets, we often deal with neighboring animals and their owners. Unfortunately, some people don't realize or, worse, don't care if their pet visits your flower bed, leaving you to deal with the clean-up. But, armed with the proper knowledge, you can keep your trees, flower beds, lawn, and even garbage cans free from unwanted, destructive dog visits.

"I can't believe it actually worked at keeping dogs from using my corner. I had to spray more than I thought but they got the idea finally."

Steve M.

How to Control Dogs

repel dogs from your yard

People try many methods to control dogs. Some may work to varying degrees. Many are just not practical. And what can you do about neighbors walking their dog on your property without cleaning up after — or just letting them roam the neighborhood to soil where ever they please?

Install a Fence

Fences can effectively keep dogs out of your garden, but such protection doesn't come cheaply. Even if money isn't an issue, fences are not always an option for aesthetic or practical reasons, plus there's always the issue of maintenance. Fences have to be examined regularly and repaired or painted as needed.

Turn the Hose on Them

One recommendation to shoo away dogs is to spray the offender with a water hose. Of course, you may not want to also spray your neighbor if they are walking the dog — or maybe you would? In either case, for this method to be effective, you have to personally catch the dog every single time. That's simply not possible.

Motion-Activated Sprinklers

Setting up a motion-activated sprinkler system frees you from having to stand guard with hose in hand, day and night. And if the neighbor who lets their dog foul on your property gets sprayed in the process, they can’t exactly blame you, can they? But setting up this sort of automated doggy defense system may not be economical or practical in your area. 

Words of Warning

Some people like to put up signs warning to keep off their lawn, saying the grass was chemically treated. Maintaining this charade requires having the signs up for a week, taking them down for a week or two, and then putting them back up again. It is a tedious process. Unfortunately, dogs can't read, and a lot of the time, people just don't. So, written warnings cannot effectively protect your property.

I Must Garden Dog & Cat Repellent

Available in granular form and as a ready-to-use spray, I Must Garden Dog & Cat Repellent uses all-natural ingredients that won't harm dogs. It just makes them stay away. You may not find the scent offensive, but dogs prefer to avoid it.

Well established habits are hard to break, so initial applications need to be frequent and heavy. Always remove fecal matter before treating. Generously apply I Must Garden Dog & Cat Repellent throughout the entire area you want to protect — not just the perimeter.

For digging problems, work the granules into the top 2 inches of soil or mulch and complete with a top dressing of repellent. Once habits are broken, reapply as needed to maintain avoidance, usually every 1-3 weeks. Application rates will vary depending on weather conditions and animal population. Reapply after frequent or heavy rainfall.

Initial application rate: 1 lb. / 25 sq. ft.

Maintenance application rate: 1 lb. / 100 sq. ft.

“I have a tree in front of my NYC apt with a strong wrought iron 8" high fence around it. Some people think its ok to put their dog inside the fence or let their male dogs lift their legs on the fence. I sprinkled the repellent around the inside perimeter. Soon as a dog came by and I could see through the window that it took one sniff and walked away.”
LizW via Amazon

Protect Your Trees

Dogs urinating on trees, particularly newly planted young trees, can be quite damaging. To put a stop to that, use I Must Garden Dog & Cat Repellent granular, ready-to-use spray, or a combination of both. 

Generously sprinkle at least 3-foot-wide band of granular repellent all around the base of the tree. Spray the base of the trunk with our liquid repellent. As the dog approaches, it will be repelled by the scent and go somewhere else.

Protect Your Flowerbeds

stop dogs from going in your yard

No one wants to come across surprises left by a dog when weeding. Sprinkle granular I Must Garden Dog & Cat Granular Repellent directly onto the immediate and surrounding area. Mix it into the topsoil or mulch if possible. For added protection, use our ready-to-use spray on your plants themselves.

Protect Your Lawn

To repel dogs from lawns, generously sprinkle I Must Garden Dog & Cat Repellent on lawns and areas leading up to your lawn. Remember to start strong. Your initial application must be heavy to break bad habits. Cover the entire area and reapply regularly.

Protect Your Garbage Cans

To harmlessly but effectively keep dogs out of garbage, spray garbage cans and bags with I Must Garden Dog & Cat Repellent. You’ll keep dogs away without harming them or trash collectors.

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