Sluggo - 2.5lbs

Sluggo uses Iron Phosphate, a natural occurring compound, to quickly kill Snails and Slugs.

• 2.5lb jar with shaker top
• Stops Snails and Slugs from feeding – Kills within days of ingestion
• 100% Organic – OMRI certified
• Safe to use around people and pets
• Stays effective through rain and regular watering
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Sluggo can be used throughout the growing season, whenever slug and snail attack threatens garden plants. Organic gardeners will be pleased to know that Sluggo is approved for use in organic vegetable gardens and where children, pets, or garden wildlife are present. Please read package label before using. Find Sluggo at your local independent or national retailer.

safe to use around pets

Can Be Used Around Pets and Wildlife

Works on
Slugs & Snails

Active Ingredient
1% Iron Phosphate

More Information
How it Works When to Apply Begin using Sluggo at first sight of slug or snail damage. This can begin in early spring when perennials begin to appear. Apply the bait during the evening, as slugs and snails travel and feed mostly by night or early morning. How to Use Scatter the slug and snail bait granules on the soil around or near the plants to be protected. Apply bait evenly at the rate of 1 level teaspoon, per square yard, and reapply the bait as consumed or at least every two weeks. Do not pile. If necessary, wet ground before applying.
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