Sustane Compost Tea Bags

One of the most convenient and quickest way to brew your own compost tea and feed your plants.
Place a bag into a watering can and allow it to steep overnight to make a compost tea brew or place the bag at the root zone of potted or garden bed plants at planting time to give them a slow, even feeding of nutrients.
Organic Compost Based Fertilizer for all types of flowers, vegetables, trees and shrubs.
12 Compost Tea Bags
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Suståne® Compost Tea Bags - All Natural Plant Food For Brewing Compost Tea

Suståne® Compost Tea Bags & Root Zone Feeder Packs are OMRI listed and USDA certified bio-based product design for dual application for the avid organic gardener. These permeable compost packs can be left to steep in a watering can overnight to make a compost tea brew; or installed in the soil or potting mix as a root zone feeder pack. They provide a controlled dose of all essential nutrients for foliar and soil application and assist in the reduction of plant and soil disease pressures.

  • For use as plant food on all flowers, vegetables, trees and shrubs.
  • No measuring, no special equipment needed just easily brew tea from safe, high quality compost.
  • Each Tea bag is 21 grams covering 1 sq. ft. and making 1 gallon compost tea.
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How it Works

As a Compost Tea - Place 1 to 3 tea bags into watering can, let steep overnight and apply to potted and inground plants the following day. Water plants and soil thoroughly. Reapply fresh tea weekly.

As Feeder Paks - Place into the root zone of potted or bed-grown plants at planting or re-potting time.Reapply once every 3 to 4 months during routine fertilization maintenance after plant establishment

  • Pots & Hanging Baskets: Install one Compost Tea Bag per 1-gallon pot prior to planting.
  • Vegetable & Flower Transplants: Install one Compost Tea Bag in the hole beneath the plant prior to planting transplants.
  • Shrubs and Young Trees: Install one Compost Tea Bag per every 12" of plant height prior to planting trees and shrubs.
  • Irrigation Systems: Place 1 Feeder Pack in the Y-Strainer of a standard inground irrigation system. Replace tea bag monthly.

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