Topsy Turvy - Upside Down Tomato & Herb Planter

- Grow delicious tomatoes and fresh herbs in one planter - all season long!
- Eliminates weeding, caging, and damage from hungry animals
- Easy to hang on decks, balconies, or any convenient hook
- The vertical grow bag pushes nutrients right to the root source, and heats the plant like a greenhouse
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Ingenious tomato planter turns gardening upside down! Thanks to a whole new direction in growing tomatoes and herbs, your crop will be bigger, better tasting, healthier, and easier to grow than ever before. You can water, feed, trim and harvest without bending or kneeling--and since your crop is upside down and will never touch the ground, staking, caging, bacteria, ground rotting, fungus and small animals become problems of the past. It's the perfect gift for any gardener. Great for those who live in apartments or who have small backyards. Water and fertilize through the built-in top funnel; trim and harvest at chest height! The Topsy Turvy planter works with most vegetables - just add your soil and plants and watch them grow!
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