32oz Trigger Bottle - 3 Pack

3 pack of trigger spray bottle with high output sprayers. White
In stock

These trigger spray bottles are perfect for accurately applying repellents to your lawn and garden. Made with high quality plastics, the I Must Garden trigger spray bottles will hold up to repetitive use and are comfortable to operate. Adjustable high output nozzles allow you to efficiently apply product to your desired area. Each nozzle can be adjusted to a high coverage mist spray or a direct stream for targeted application. The solid white bottles are easy to label and can be used with any repellent or house hold cleaner.


Consider buying our 1 Gallon Ready to Use Repellents instead of the smaller sizes; then simply fill these trigger spray bottles and apply to your garden. Whether you are buying our repellents, or cleaning liquids, purchasing in larger quantities will almost always be cheaper.

To avoid clogging your sprayer always shake repellent before using. If clogs do occur, simply remove the top spray mechanism and let it soak in a vinegar + water solution for a few minutes. Rinse sprayer off and re-attach to your bottle.

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