Wonder Soil Sprout House

All You Need to Grow Your Seeds. Indoor Seed Starter. Easy transplanting. Promotes Fast Germination.
Includes: 24 coco coir cups and 24 Wonder Soil wafers
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Grow herbs, micro-greens, vegetables, and flowers in this reusable greenhouse which includes 24 coco coir cups, 24 Wonder Soil wafers, and seeds. As the seeds grow, the roots will come through the bottom of the cups and you can transplant those directly into the ground without transplant shock. Wonder Soil's Sprout House creates an ideal environment for Fast germination. It is non-toxic and pet safe.

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How it WorksOpen the egg crate and remove contents Place 1 coir cup and 2 wafers in each of the 12 center egg carton cells. (Store any reminding wafers for future use) Add water to top of coir cup to expand soil Stir expanded soil Add 4 -6 seeds per cup approximately 1/4 in. down and cover with soil. Fold empty side of egg carton over the filled cups. After sprouts are 2 - 3 in. tall, transplant entire coir cup into larger pot or garden.

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