Wonder Soil Tunnel Fill

Use to fill tunnels made by burrowing animals. Helps fix ground erosion from burrows. Easy to apply, pet friendly, and biodegradable.

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Tunnel Fill is the solution for filling any tunnel or burrow. This safe, non-toxic product expands to completely fill tunnel systems created by burrowing animals. It also provides plant and grass roots with something to attach and grow through helping to fix ground erosion. This tube size will fill 50 linear ft of a Gopher tunnel and 200 feet of a mole tunnel. For best results, remove rodents from the area prior to application.

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How it Works Application: Starting with the most recent hole, pour a handful of pellets into the burrow and flush down with a garden hose on high for two minutes, then on medium for four more minutes. If product has not filled the hole, add more Tunnel Fill and water. Wait 10 minutes between applications. Repeat until void is full. Repeat for each visible hole until they are all full. It is important to treat all holes in the area.

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