World's Coolest Rain Gauge Copper - 24" Stake

Gorgeous and functional gauge for rain is made of solid copper, powder-coated steel, and polycarbonate. It's The Original Floating Rain Gauge! Practical and fun rain gauge is highly visible so you can see how much it's rained from across the yard.
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The design of this unique rain gauge is based on Archimedes' principle of water displacement, resulting in a fun and functional instrument and garden accent unlike any other. The solid copper flute collects the water, and the extremely durable, blue polycarbonate measuring tube with a calibrated float sits down inside the flute. As water fills the flute, the blue tube floats up, displaying the measurement. And unlike most rain gauges, the numbers are visible from a great distance.

  • The rain gauge is held in a sturdy steel mount that's powder-coated for rust resistance.
  • Unbreakable blue polycarbonate measurement tube rises to show water accumulation
  • Easy to read and fun to use 24" tall, measures 6" of rain
  • Made with care in the USA for accuracy, durability and reliability
  • The solid copper flute will weather to a graceful patina over time, but it will not rust, rot or crack, and the steel mounting stake is powdercoated for rust resistance. They passed up using a glass measurement tube in favor of bright blue polycarbonate plastic - it's unbreakable and frost proof.

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