Natural Snake Repellent

Snakes are important members of the ecosystem and they help to maintain the food chain. They prey on rodents, birds, insects and sometimes other snakes - keeping the species in check. They are highly beneficial in controlling the populations of other animals we consider to be pests; actually keeping away some animals that want to eat our plants and vegetables, so it is in our best interest not to harm them. There are over 100 species of snakes native to North America and only around 20 species are venomous. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be difficult to identify species of snakes because some non-venomous snakes have markings that mimic venomous species for protection from their natural predators.

  1. All Natural
  2. No Naphthalene
  3. Safe to use around people & pets

A complex mix of essential oils and other natural ingredients

These reptiles are versatile and inhabit essentially every region, but they are more active the warmer the climate is because they are cold-blooded. The depletion of forests has driven them into our yards where they like to make their homes in places such as under woodpiles and other debris, in garages and sheds, under porches, and around swimming pools - to name a few. Obviously, for safety reasons you may not want snakes close to areas where you work, play and relax.

All Natural Formula

Our formula contains only natural ingredients. It doesn't smell like mothballs and is safe to use in enclosed areas. Don't be fooled by snake repellents that use Naphthalene, you have to be very careful using those products around your yard.

This is the best snake repellent on the market, and the only one I would trust around my home.
- Mike D

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Review by Sandra C
No more snakes.
Received product on time and so far no more snakes.

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Snake Repellent - Granular

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