Tips on Repelling

Sure, we sell the best repellents available but adding a little knowledge on the best methods can go a long way to improving results with less stress.

Tips to Repel Deer

tips to repel deer

There is nothing more maddening than waking in the morning, eager to look at your flowers, only to discover that your garden was visited during the night by hungry deer. Methods used to control and get rid of deer are vast and range from commercial repellents, to homemade remedies, animal urine, deer fencing, netting, ultrasonic devices and scare tactics such a noise makers and water bursts.

Tips to Repel Rabbits

tips to repel rabbits

When you are finally fed up with rabbits ruining your flower beds and eating your vegetables it’s not too late to take control of the situation. Damage from rabbits go far beyond an occasional nibble. Various methods used to control and get rid of rabbits include scare devices, toxicants, trapping, fencing and repellents. Some methods can be quite costly, while others are unreliable.

Tips to Repel Squirrels

tips to repel squirrels

While squirrels may be clever and amusing to watch, squirrel damage is no laughing matter. Squirrel damage often extends beyond chewing on bark, buds, leaves and flowers. Additionally, squirrels ruin outdoor furniture, hoses and hose reels, flower pots, bird houses, bird feeders, fences, irrigation lines and boxes. While trapping squirrels outdoors is a never ending process, there are other methods that can be used to get rid of squirrels.

Tips to Repel Moles & Voles

tips to repel moles & voles

Moles and voles can be quite destructive in the home garden. The destruction caused by voles and moles can extend into our flowerbeds and lawns causing serious, unsightly and costly damage to our landscaping. Vole damage can seem to happen overnight. You can control moles and voles safely, effectively and naturally.

Tips to Repel Snakes

tips to repel snakes

While snakes can be very beneficial in your garden it isn't fun or sometimes safe to be surprised by one. Sometimes you need to get them out from under your house. Whatever your reason follow these tips.

Tips to Repel Dogs

tips to repel dogs & cats

Like most animals, dogs and cats are creatures of habit. Once they establish a routine, it’s often difficult to change their behavior. While we may control our own pets, we often deal with neighboring animals and their bad habits as well. Unfortunately some people don’t realize and worse, don’t care, if their pet visits your flower bed. And you’re stuck with the clean up! Armed with the proper knowledge, you can get rid of nuisance cats and dogs.

Tips to Repel Ants

tips to repel ants

It’s astounding how such a tiny creature as an ant can be so annoying. Ants bother us at picnics and are a nuisance on playgrounds - not to mention how much pain they cause when they bite! Many methods used to control ants have included toxic poisons and baits. Unfortunately, many poisonous methods are harmful to our home, our family and our pets. You can get rid of ants safely and naturally.

Tips to Repel Groundhogs

tips to repel groundhogs

To understand which groundhog repellent work the best, you first need to understand groundhogs. Knowing their behavior, and food preferences will help you eradicate and repel groundhogs from your garden.

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