Tips on Repelling

Sure, we sell the best repellents available but adding a little knowledge on the best methods can go a long way to improving results with less stress.

Tips to Repel Deer

tips to repel deer

Is there anything more maddening than waking in the morning, eager to look at your flowers, only to discover that your garden was visited during the night by hungry deer? Methods to control deer include commercial repellents, homemade remedies, animal urine, deer fencing, netting, ultrasonic devices, and scare tactics such as noise makers and motion-activated water sprinklers.

Tips to Repel Rabbits

tips to repel rabbits

Rabbit damage can utterly devastate your precious garden. In order to protect their plants from the appetites of these voracious foragers, gardeners and farmers have tried all sorts of rabbit-control methods. These vary widely in terms of cost, visual appeal, and, most importantly, effectiveness. The best rabbit-control methods use knowledge of the rabbit’s nature make your plants seem a whole lot less appetizing.

Tips to Repel Squirrels

tips to repel squirrels

They race up and down tree trunks and power lines with the ease of a trapeze artist, but the acrobatic antics of squirrels aren’t all fun and games — not when they turn from fastidious nut hoarding to eating your plants and gnawing on your house, car, or patio furniture. Before your throw up your hands in despair, take heart. Freeing your home from pesky squirrels is possible with the right approach.

Tips to Repel Moles & Voles

tips to repel moles & voles

Moles and voles can be quite destructive in the home garden. Their impact may extend into flower beds and lawns, with severe, unsightly, and costly damage to your landscaping. And it can seem to happen overnight! But you can control moles and voles safely, effectively, and naturally.

Tips to Repel Snakes

tips to repel snakes

While snakes can be very beneficial to have around, it isn't fun — and sometimes isn’t safe — to be surprised by one slithering around your lawn or garden. You may also find them sunning themselves in your driveway or on your front step or hunting for prey under your house or in your garage. Wherever you discover a snake, you will probably want to get rid of it right away. The following tips will help you find the best method to do so.

Tips to Repel Dogs

tips to repel dogs & cats

How often have you gone out into your lawn or garden and been unpleasantly surprised by what a dog left behind? It's bad enough when your own dog decides to adopt your new plant or tree as its favorite but downright maddening when a stray or a neighbor's dog takes a liking to it. Fortunately, there is an environmentally safe and natural way to repel dogs without harming them..

Tips to Repel Ants

tips to repel ants

It’s astounding how such a tiny creature as an ant can be so annoying. Ants bother us at picnics and are a nuisance on playgrounds - not to mention how much pain they cause when they bite! Many methods used to control ants have included toxic poisons and baits. Unfortunately, many poisonous methods are harmful to our home, our family and our pets. You can get rid of ants safely and naturally.

Tips to Repel Groundhogs

tips to repel groundhogs

While most know them as predictors of long winters and early springs, those who find themselves with a groundhog (also known as a woodchuck) on their property may instead see them as pests. With their destructive digging and taste for your garden goodies, groundhogs can cause extensive damage. But there are more effective ways to rid yourself of a groundhog other than making it see its shadow.

Tips to Repel Cats

tips to repel cats

Whether they are your cats, a neighbor's, or feral cats roaming the neighborhood, cats can make real pests of themselves. Sometimes, a cat will decide that your car hood is the perfect resting place, with no concern about scratching your finish. But worst of all, they may decide your flower bed is the ideal litter box — disgusting! And in the process, their digging may destroy plants and seedlings. Whatever your cat problem, there are many ways to deal with it.

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