Snake Repellent

I Must Garden Snake Repellent contains a complex blend of botanical oils and other all natural ingredients that will safely and effectively repel snakes from your yard, garden, glower beds, sheds, crawl spaces, woodpiles, under porches, decks and more.

natural snake repellent safe for use around your home and pets

Snake Proof Your Garden

  • Simply broadcast repellent to drive out snakes and keep them away
  • Natural ingredients – safe for people, pets and the environment
  • Formulated to specifically repel snakes, not harm them
  • Napthalene free
  • For detailed product information CLICK HERE

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    SPECIAL Combo Snake Repellent with Handy Camel Bag clip

    Snake Repellent - Granular - 10 LBS with Handy Camel Bag Clip

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