Esschert Design Hanging Bird Feeding Pins, Set of Three

With this assortment of dark green bird feeding pins, you can easily hang several pieces of fruit, such as apples, by easily twisting the feet at the lower part of the pin. 3 assorted garden bird designs.

• Providing Apples To Birds Give Them The Needed Vitamins When Food Is Scarce
• You Can Fit An Abundant Of Fruit On These Feeding Pins
• Enjoy Watching Many Varieties Of Birds That Will Gather To Your Feeder

No Assembly Required

2.2 x 1.8 x 15.7 inches

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This set of whimsical bird feeding pins is an interesting addition to your feeder assortment. Birds need fruit in the winter months to provide vitamins that are difficult to get. With these feeding pins, you simply twist off the-feet and hang several pieces of fruit for birds to enjoy.
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