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  1. Johnny Jump Ups!

    Johnny Jump Ups!
    Named for rapidly “jumping” up in size as temperatures warm after the winter, johnny jump ups are delightful little favorites for gardeners, especially during the spring! It’s not uncommon to hear the name jump up used interchangeably with viola or pansy, but these names all refer to different, but overlapping, groups of plants. Johnny Jump […]
  2. Edgeworthia Chrysantha, AKA Paper Bush or Yellow Daphne

    Edgeworthia Chrysantha, AKA Paper Bush or Yellow Daphne
    Edgeworthia Chrysantha, also known as Paper Bush or Yellow Daphne, is a deciduous shrub whose fragrant trumpet-shaped, fuzzy flowers form in tight clusters at the ends of upright, leafless stems during the cold days of winter. In summer, it transforms into a glorious neatly, mounding shrub. It is one of those rare garden treasures that […]
  3. Protect pumpkins from squirrels

    Protect pumpkins from squirrels
    Shorter days and crisper evenings tell us that autumn is quickly approaching. One of the most nostalgic fall traditions is carving pumpkins and showing them off for all to see. As I walk and drive around different neighborhoods, it’s always fun to see how houses are decorated – from simple carved pumpkins quietly sitting on […]
  4. Butterflies and Buddleias

    Butterflies and Buddleias
    Buddleias (Buddleia) or buddlejas are commonly referred to as Butterfly Bushes due to their attractiveness to butterflies. The first variety of buddleia, Buddleia americana, was sent to England from the Caribbean in 1730. There are around 100 species and almost all of them are shrubs around sixteen feet tall. A few species qualify as trees […]
  5. Hardy Hibiscus

    Hardy Hibiscus
    When most people think of hibiscus (Hibiscus), they think of the Chinese Hibiscus (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis). It is the most popular and well-known with its large, bright red flowers and attractiveness to hummingbirds. They are often grown as ornamental houseplants and can only be grown outdoors in USDA zones 9a through 10b. They require full sun […]
  6. Greeting Cards that Grow

    Greeting Cards that Grow
    Recycled paper cards filled with seeds are presents in and of themselves.  If you love to garden and get the blues during the winter, here’s a gardening inspired craft to keep you busy and create works of art for your friends.  Make several of these at a time, and you will have a handy stash […]

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