Plants Rabbits Will Eat

There are countless inter-related variables affecting what rabbits will eat in any given year. Just a few of these variables include: population and overall health of the rabbits, weather conditions, geography and sources of food naturally available in surrounding woods and forested areas.

The following list has been compiled from gardening surveys from across the United States.

Plant anything you want!

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Annuals frequently eaten by rabbits

Bachelor's ButtonCentaurea cyanus
CockscombCelosia argenta cristata
CosmosCosmos bipinnatus
GazaniaGazania rigens
ImpatiensImpatiens walleriana
Morning GloryIpomoea purpurea
PansyViola x wittrockiana
PetuniaPetunia x hybrida
Rose MossPortulaca grandiflora
SnapdragonAntirrhinum majus
SunflowerHelianthus annuus
Sweet PeaLathyrus latifolius
VerbenaVerbena x hybrida
Wishbone FlowerTorenia
ZinnasZinnia elegans

Perennials and Bulbs frequently eaten by rabbits

Aster, New EnglandAster novae-angliae
Baby's BreathGypsophila paniculata
Balloon FlowerPlatycodon grandiflorus
BellflowerCampanula species
Black-eyed SusanRudbeckia hirta & Goldsturm
ClematisClematis species
ConeflowerEchinacea purpurea
Coral Bells-flowers onlyHeuchera sanguinea
CrocusCrocus hybrids
DaylilliesHemerocallis species
GayfeatherLiatris spicata
Great MasterwortAstrantia major
Hosta (Plantain Lily)Hosta species
IrisIris hybrids Dutch
Iceland PoppyPapaver nudicaule
Japanese AnenomeAnemone x hybrida
Johnny-Jump-UpViola tricolor
Lilies (Oriental and Asiatic)Lilium species
LupineLupinus & Russell Hybrid
Maidenhair FernAdiantum pedatum
Marguerite DaisyFelicia amelloides
Marsh BlueVioletViola cucullata & Freckles
Michaelmas DaisyAster novi belgii
Mountain BluetCentaurea montana
Oriental PoppyPapaver orientale
Phlox (tall)Phlox paniculata
Phlox (creeping)Phlox subulata
Pincushion FlowerScabiosa caucasica
Pink CoreopsisCoreopsis rosea
Sweet WoodruffGalium odoratum
Threadleaf CoreopsisCoreopsis verticillata
Tree PeonyPaeonia suffruticosa
TulipTulipa hybrids
VervainVerbena rigida

Shrubs frequently eaten by rabbits

BarberryBerberis & Crimson Pygmie
Common Flowering QuinceChaenomeles speciosa
DeutziaDeutzia species
Doublefile ViburnumViburnum plicatum
Eastern RedbudCercis canadensis
Flowering CrabappleMalus species
ForsythiaForsythia species
FothergillaFothergilla species
HawthornCrataegus species
Japanese Flowering QuinceChaenomeles japonica
Judd ViburnumViburnum x juddii
Koreanspice ViburnumViburnum carlesii
LilacSyringa patula & Miss Kim
Multiflora RoseRosa multiflora
Oakleaf HydrangeaHydrangea quercifolia
Purpleleaf Sand CherryPrunus x cistena
RoseRosa species
Rose of SharonHibiscus syriacus
Sand CherryPrunus bessyi
SmokebushCotinus coggygria
Winged EuonymusEuonymus alata
Witch HazelHamamelis virginiana

Vegetables and Fruits frequently eaten by rabbits

ApplesMalus pumila
BeansPhaseolus vulgaris
BeetsBeta vulgaris
Blackberry & RaspberryRubus species
BlueberryVaccinium corymbosum
BroccoliBrassica oleracea italica
Currant & GooseberryRibes species
GrapeVitis species
KiwiActinidea arguta
PearPyrus species
PeppersCapsicum frutescens
LettuceLactuca sativa
PeasPisum sativum
SpinachSpinacia oleracea
StrawberryFragaria ananassa
Swiss ChardBeta vulgaris cicla

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