Plants Rabbits Will Eat

There are countless inter-related variables affecting what rabbits will eat in any given year. Just a few of these variables include: population and overall health of the rabbits, weather conditions, geography and sources of food naturally available in surrounding woods and forested areas.

The following list has been compiled from gardening surveys from across the United States.

Plant anything you want!

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Annuals frequently eaten by rabbits

Bachelor's Button Centaurea cyanus
Cockscomb Celosia argenta cristata
Cosmos Cosmos bipinnatus
Gazania Gazania rigens
Impatiens Impatiens walleriana
Morning Glory Ipomoea purpurea
Nasturtium Tropaeolum
Pansy Viola x wittrockiana
Petunia Petunia x hybrida
Rose Moss Portulaca grandiflora
Snapdragon Antirrhinum majus
Sunflower Helianthus annuus
Sweet Pea Lathyrus latifolius
Verbena Verbena x hybrida
Wishbone Flower Torenia
Zinnas Zinnia elegans

Perennials and Bulbs frequently eaten by rabbits

Aster, New England Aster novae-angliae
Baby's Breath Gypsophila paniculata
Balloon Flower Platycodon grandiflorus
Bellflower Campanula species
Black-eyed Susan Rudbeckia hirta & Goldsturm
Clematis Clematis species
Coneflower Echinacea purpurea
Coral Bells-flowers only Heuchera sanguinea
Crocus Crocus hybrids
Daylillies Hemerocallis species
Gayfeather Liatris spicata
Great Masterwort Astrantia major
Hosta (Plantain Lily) Hosta species
Iris Iris hybrids Dutch
Iceland Poppy Papaver nudicaule
Japanese Anenome Anemone x hybrida
Johnny-Jump-Up Viola tricolor
Lilies (Oriental and Asiatic) Lilium species
Lupine Lupinus & Russell Hybrid
Maidenhair Fern Adiantum pedatum
Marguerite Daisy Felicia amelloides
Marsh BlueViolet Viola cucullata & Freckles
Michaelmas Daisy Aster novi belgii
Mountain Bluet Centaurea montana
Oriental Poppy Papaver orientale
Phlox (tall) Phlox paniculata
Phlox (creeping) Phlox subulata
Pincushion Flower Scabiosa caucasica
Pink Coreopsis Coreopsis rosea
Sweet Woodruff Galium odoratum
Threadleaf Coreopsis Coreopsis verticillata
Tree Peony Paeonia suffruticosa
Tulip Tulipa hybrids
Vervain Verbena rigida

Shrubs frequently eaten by rabbits

Barberry Berberis & Crimson Pygmie
Common Flowering Quince Chaenomeles speciosa
Deutzia Deutzia species
Doublefile Viburnum Viburnum plicatum
Eastern Redbud Cercis canadensis
Flowering Crabapple Malus species
Forsythia Forsythia species
Fothergilla Fothergilla species
Hawthorn Crataegus species
Japanese Flowering Quince Chaenomeles japonica
Judd Viburnum Viburnum x juddii
Juneberry Amelanchier
Koreanspice Viburnum Viburnum carlesii
Lilac Syringa patula & Miss Kim
Multiflora Rose Rosa multiflora
Oakleaf Hydrangea Hydrangea quercifolia
Purpleleaf Sand Cherry Prunus x cistena
Rose Rosa species
Rose of Sharon Hibiscus syriacus
Sand Cherry Prunus bessyi
Serviceberry Amelanchier
Smokebush Cotinus coggygria
Winged Euonymus Euonymus alata
Witch Hazel Hamamelis virginiana

Vegetables and Fruits frequently eaten by rabbits

Apples Malus pumila
Beans Phaseolus vulgaris
Beets Beta vulgaris
Blackberry & Raspberry Rubus species
Blueberry Vaccinium corymbosum
Broccoli Brassica oleracea italica
Currant & Gooseberry Ribes species
Grape Vitis species
Kiwi Actinidea arguta
Pear Pyrus species
Peppers Capsicum frutescens
Lettuce Lactuca sativa
Peas Pisum sativum
Spinach Spinacia oleracea
Strawberry Fragaria ananassa
Swiss Chard Beta vulgaris cicla

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