Hestra Kobolt Kids' Gloves - Reg $16.99

A strong, versatile kids version of our popular Kobolt work glove. Built with durable synthetic materials and adapted for a child's hands with the same great fit and durability.

• Flexible synthetic Leather
• Reinforced Thumb & Fingertips
• Slip-on elastic cuff
• Breathable Spandex Backhand

In stock

The Kobolt Kids' gloves are necessary when precision and dexterity on the job is critical.

The palms are made from quality synthetic leather, thin yet strong enough to keep your hands safe. The reinforced thumb and fingers provides comfortable and durable protection while the spandex backhand allows for unparalleled fit, dexterity, and awareness. These gloves are the perfect choice if you need multipurpose work gloves that won't let you down!

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