Wonder Grip - Extra Grip! Less Fatigue!

Extra Grip, Less Fatigue
Twice the grip of the leading palm-dipped brand
Tough 13-guage nylon knit
Double-Coated Textured Latex Palm Coating
Best Grip wet or dry
In stock
Keep your hands protected at all times with the durable and handy Wonder Grip - Extra Grip! Less Fatigue!. These gloves will fit you like a second skin and will protect you from dirt, cuts, abrasions, burns etc. They have been specially designed to ensure that all your gardening activities go smoothly. Made with a double coated textured latex palm and a tough 13-gauge nylon knit, they're a good choice if you're an avid gardener. Constructed from high quality polyester, it offers optimum flexibility and improves control over your activities.
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